Year: 2019

HEAL’s Final Presentations!

The Medicine and Healthcare students rocked their final presentations. We thank you all for your hard work and energy this week. We hope […]

SOCL’s Final Presentations!

The Social Impact & Community Engagement students had their final presentations today! Everyone had great ideas on how to make a change in […]

ARCH’s Final Presentations!

The Architecture students had their final big day presentations today! They showed off their models and plans for the site they were assigned […]

SOCL Engaged in Debates!

The Social Impact & Community Engagement students had their great debate night last night! They were assigned topics and sides of the argument […]

ARCH Built Towers!

The Architecture students built communication towers yesterday! Students were divided by their team adviser groups and then split in half within those. The […]

HEAL Learned from Dr. Shahwan!

The Medicine & Healthcare students spent most of yesterday with our HEAL academic director Dr. Katie Shahwan! They learned all about Dr. Shahwan’s […]

HEAL Was In Stitches!

The Medicine and Healthcare students learned how to suture with Dr. Katie Shahwan today! Dr. Shahwan spoke about proper practices and gave a […]

SOCL “Planted” Themselves in Chicago!

The Social Impact & Community Engagement Students toured Plant Chicago today! A non-profit organization focusing on sustainability and re-usability! They spoke to the […]

ARCH Constructed a Great Time!

The Architecture students took a trip to a Turner Construction site for a tour and chat with the civil engineer on site. They […]

HEAL Mastered Negotiation!

The Medicine & Healthcare students had their first meeting with Dr. Paul Lisnek today! The focus of this lecture and activity was to […]