Year: 2019

BIOT Is Ready To Change The World!

The Biotechnology students unveiled their project’s they’ve been working all week long on. The students we’re tasked with creating a product and company […]

ENGN Went By Land & Sea!

The Engineering students finished their RC cars and Sea perches today, so naturally we had to put them to the test!

BIOT Got Buggy!

The Biotechnology students got the chance to meet their cockroaches and preform a procedure on them, which would allow them to take control […]

BUSI Finalized Product Pitches!

The Business and Entrepreneurship students worked hard today to finalize their product pitches. All session long, these students have been creating a product […]

ENGN Had A Nice Breeze!

The Engineering students had a friendly competition to see who could build the most cost efficient wind turbine today! Our students were given […]

HEAL Saw Surgery!

The Medicine and Healthcare students got the opportunity to see a “live” heart surgery tonight. Our program director Mr. Callas gave a pseudo […]

HEAL Saw Into The Heart!

The Medicine and Healthcare students got the opportunity to dissect pig eyes and hearts today! They got some real hands-on experience and we’re […]

ENGN Visited mHUB!

The Engineering students took a visit to the center of innovation here in Chicago, mHUB! They toured the facility and got to see […]

BUSI Had Successful Ventures!

The Business and Entrepreneurship students completed their venture capitalist game/competition today! All of the students did great, they gave solid pitches and much […]

BIOT Met Terry Johnson!

The Biotechnology students (along with the Engineering students) had a guest lecture from Terry Johnson, a notable professional in both fields of study […]