Year: 2019

BUSI Was Loving It!

The Business and Entrepreneurship students tour the McDonald’s Global Menu Restaurant/headquarters in Chicago today! They got a tour of the facilities and a […]

ENGN Launched Toward Success!

The Engineering students spent the evening learning all about trebuchets (and why they’re different from catapults), how they work and how they’re built! […]

ARCH Drafted A Plan!

The Architecture students got a tutorial on drafting today from their team advisers! They learned the basics of how to draft buildings, 3D […]

SOCL Found Some Community!

The Social Impact and Community Engagement students participated in our “community build” activity today! In this activity, the students were split up and […]

HEAL Grew Some Ideas!

The Medicine and Healthcare students had another awesome session with our leadership facilitator, Brandon Love! Today they learned how to use his method […]

BUSI Learned From The Master!

The Business and Entrepreneurship students spent a large portion of today with Craig Wortmann, a professor at the Kellogg School of Management, founding […]

ENGN Blew Us Away!

The Engineering students spent a good portion of today learning about and building their own wind turbines! They were split into small teams […]

ENGN Talked With Terry!

The Engineering students met with Terry Johnson, an experienced chemical engineer turned author, today! Terry spoke to the students about his experiences in […]

ARCH Took On Towers!

The Architecture students were challenged with building communication towers today! They were split in teams then divided again, but with addition twists! One […]

HEAL Sliced Into Their Work!

The Medicine and Healthcare students got the chance to do some dissections today! They had cow eyes and sheep hearts to work with […]