Category: Biotechnology

BIOT Talked Tech!

The Biotechnology students had their final presentations today! They all had amazing ideas for all kinds of gadgets and tools that were designed […]

BIOT Hungered For Knowledge!

The Biotechnology students visited the Querrey Institute today, where they received a tour, a few lectures on various topics and an edible experiment. […]


The Biotechnology students built Robo-Roaches today! They took specially bred cockroaches and preformed surgery on them to implant electrodes, which will allow them […]

BIOT Brought The Sunshine!

The Biotechnology students built their own solar cells tonight! They mixed their own conductive liquid and conductors with berries, glass and good ‘ole […]


The Biotechnology students worked to create a myoelectric arm today! Using coding, their robotics skills and a big plastic toy claw, they were […]


The Biotechnology students met Dr. Bich Duong in preparation for their upcoming lab rotations. She explained some of the basics of the labs […]

BIOT And Their Styles!

The Biotechnology students had their first activity with our leadership facilitator Brandon Love today! They found out their dominant personality style and how […]

BIOT Is Ready To Change The World!

The Biotechnology students unveiled their project’s they’ve been working all week long on. The students we’re tasked with creating a product and company […]

BIOT Got Buggy!

The Biotechnology students got the chance to meet their cockroaches and preform a procedure on them, which would allow them to take control […]

BIOT Met Terry Johnson!

The Biotechnology students (along with the Engineering students) had a guest lecture from Terry Johnson, a notable professional in both fields of study […]