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Meet the Staff

This week at NSLC Northwestern, our Medicine & Health Care and Business & Entrepreneurship staff arrived on campus! During the week, NSLC NU […]


Welcome Wildcats! We’d like to introduce you to your Session 3 staff members, these are the team advisors, program directors and office staff […]


Yesterday, students said goodbye to Northwestern and the friends and mentors they’ve made over the last nine days here at NSLC. The week […]


Today, students received their evaluations from yesterday’s final presentations, attended closing ceremony to celebrate their last day together, and said goodbye to their […]

Meet The Staff!

Welcome to Northwestern! Our staff have been working tirelessly these past few days in preparation for this summer and can’t wait to invite […]

SOCL “Planted” Themselves in Chicago!

The Social Impact & Community Engagement Students toured Plant Chicago today! A non-profit organization focusing on sustainability and re-usability! They spoke to the […]

Arch Met Chip!

The Architecture students had a lecture from Chip von Weise today! Chip started his own architecture firm here in chicago, von Weise and […]

HEAL Cut Into Their Curriculum

The Medicine & Healthcare students had some great hands-on learning experiences today! They had the chance to dissect some sheep hearts and cow […]

ARCH Cruised The Water!

The architecture students took the Chicago river and lake architectural boat tour today! They got to see the interesting city-scape of Chicago and […]

SOCL Planted Some Ideas

The Social Impact & Community Engagement students had a pretty awesome day, they had two sessions with our leadership facilitator Brandon Love! In […]