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Exelon Corporate Headquarters!

Starting off Monday right with a field trip to Exelon Corporate Headquarters! Guest speakers Jason Collins, Andy Plenge, Linsey Wisniewski, and Stephanie Skelskey […]

SOCL Had Media Madness!

The Social Impact and Community Engagement students got to experiment with social media today! They were challenged to create engaging and thought provoking […]

BUSI Was “Born” To Do This

Guest Speakers Joe and Lily Born really inspired and captivated the Business students with their product/company creation talk!

NSLC Medicine: Student Photo of the Day July 27, 2015

              Submitted by:¬†Gabriella Guzman

NSLC Session Two: Opening Ceremonies July 10, 2015

NSLC Medical: Clinical Introduction June 29, 2015

NSLC Medical Clinicals from the Downtown Hospital Campus with 4th year Med Students teaching basic Clinical Exams. June 29, 2015.