Category: Quick Links

ENGN Raced and Sailed!

The Engineering students competed in their land and sea competition tonight! They had been building RC cars and sea perches all week long […]

HEAL Closed Wounds!

The Medicine and Healthcare students, along with the help of Dr. Katie Shahwan, learned how to suture today! They got to practice a […]

ARCH Toured VWA!

The Architecture students were able to visit and tour von Weise and Associates today! They had a great time exploring the facility and […]

BUSI Learned From The Master!

The Business and Entrepreneurship students spent a large portion of today with Craig Wortmann, a professor at the Kellogg School of Management, founding […]

SOCL Got This Bread!

the Social Impact and Community Engagement students took a trip to the Greater Chicago Area Food Bank and volunteering to help pack meals […]

ENGN Toured Fermi!

The Engineering students got the chance to tour Fermilab today! Fermi is a large lab, mainly dedicated to particle acceleration (similar to the […]

BUSI Toured Blue Lacuna!

The Business and Entrepreneurship students had the opportunity to tour the Blue Lacuna facilities today! They were blown away by not only the […]


The Biotechnology students built Robo-Roaches today! They took specially bred cockroaches and preformed surgery on them to implant electrodes, which will allow them […]

HEAL Learned Some New Skills!

The Medicine and Healthcare students learned a lot about suturing from Dr. Katie Shahwan and were able to put those skills to practice. […]

ENGN Met Terry Johnson!

The Engineering students (along with thie Biotechnology friends) had the chance to meet Terry Johnson a chemical engineer with a masters from MIT. […]