Year: 2019

BUSI Starts Venture Capitalism!

The Business and Entrepreneurship students began their “Venture Capitalism game”, where they’ll design and pitch companies Shark Tank style, with the highest earning […]

HEAL Sliced Into Dermatology!

The Medical and Healthcare students continued their sessions with Dr. Shahwan and learned about the field of dermatology and how to remove and […]

BUSI Went Into The Matrix

The Business and Entrepreneurship students joined Brandon Love, our leadership facilitator, in discovering which personality archetype they most strongly identify with. From there […]

BIOTECH Got Personal

The BIOT students had a session with our leadership facilitator Brandon Love today, where they learned about their dominant and regressive personality types […]

ENGN Went Through The Rotations

The Engineering students got a chance to put some of their skills to the test (or pick up some new ones depending on […]

HEAL Was In Stitches!

The Medicine and Healthcare students got a taste of the real doctor lifestyle today as they got the opportunity to learn how to […]

Welcome Session 1 Students!

We here at NSLC Northwestern want to extend a warm welcome to our session one students, we’re super excited to have you all […]