Year: 2019

ARCH And Katie LaCourt!

The Architecture students had a visit from Katie LaCourt today! Katie is an accomplished architect that has worked on some interesting project, involving […]

ENGN Raced and Sailed!

The Engineering students competed in their land and sea competition tonight! They had been building RC cars and sea perches all week long […]

SOCL Had Media Madness!

The Social Impact and Community Engagement students got to experiment with social media today! They were challenged to create engaging and thought provoking […]

HEAL Closed Wounds!

The Medicine and Healthcare students, along with the help of Dr. Katie Shahwan, learned how to suture today! They got to practice a […]

BUSI Ventured Into Capitalism!

The Business and Entrepreneurship students had their final rounds of the Venture Capitalism Game Today! They had been tasked with coming up with […]

ENGN Nears The Testing Stage!

The Engineering students continued to work hard on their RC car and Sea Perch projects for the end of session Land & Sea […]

ARCH Met Marcus Confino!

The Architecture students had a visit from Marcus Confino today! Marcus is an architect with the von Weise and Associates firm here in […]

HEAL Worked On Public Health!

The Medicine and Healthcare students made strides on their week long public health programs today! They’re tasked with selecting a pressing health issue […]

ARCH Toured VWA!

The Architecture students were able to visit and tour von Weise and Associates today! They had a great time exploring the facility and […]

SOCL Weighed The Pros & Cons!

The Social Impact & Community Engagement students had a round of friendly debates tonight! They were split into smaller groups and given a […]