Category: Engineering

ENGN Went Through The Rotations

The Engineering students got a chance to put some of their skills to the test (or pick up some new ones depending on […]

ENGN Rocked Final Presentations!

The Engineering students had their final product pitch today! Great job on your presentations, your products were creative and well put together!

ENGN Competed On Land & Sea!

The Engineering students finally got to use their RC cars and Sea Perches tonight in their big Land & Sea Competition! They had […]

ENGN Helped BUSI With Their Designs!

The Engineering students met with the Business and Entrepreneurship students to talk products and marketing, just like they will in the real world! […]

ENGN Toured mHUB!

The Engineering students got to head over to mHUB, which is essentially a startup for startups! It’s a site that allows startup companies […]

ENGN Builds Toward Their Competition!

The Engineering students have started building their RC cars and Sea Perches for their pending “Land & Sea Competition” at the end of […]

ENGN Learned How To Solder!

The Engineering students had engineering rotations today, where they learned how to solder, code and even got a presentation on public speaking from […]

ENGN Found Their Inner Animal!

The Engineering students found out about their personality types, personified by an animal and character traits, today with the Business and Entrepreneurship students. […]

ENGN Showed Off Their Creations!

The Engineering students presented their genius inventions today! You guys came up with some awesome stuff, can’t wait for you to make it!

ENGN Are Masters Of Land & Sea!

The Engineering students competed in their big RC car and Sea Perch competition today!They had some great designs and a fun time with […]