Category: Engineering

ENGN Built Their Presentations!

The Engineering students had their final presentations today! All week long the students were tasked with inventing a product and figuring the logistics […]

ENGN Raced and Sailed!

The Engineering students competed in their land and sea competition tonight! They had been building RC cars and sea perches all week long […]

ENGN Nears The Testing Stage!

The Engineering students continued to work hard on their RC car and Sea Perch projects for the end of session Land & Sea […]

ENGN Launched Toward Success!

The Engineering students spent the evening learning all about trebuchets (and why they’re different from catapults), how they work and how they’re built! […]

ENGN Blew Us Away!

The Engineering students spent a good portion of today learning about and building their own wind turbines! They were split into small teams […]

ENGN Talked With Terry!

The Engineering students met with Terry Johnson, an experienced chemical engineer turned author, today! Terry spoke to the students about his experiences in […]

ENGN Toured Fermi!

The Engineering students got the chance to tour Fermilab today! Fermi is a large lab, mainly dedicated to particle acceleration (similar to the […]

ENGN Were Destined To Design!

The Engineering students had their final presentations today! They spent the week coming up with and refining an idea for a product and […]

ENGN Had A Bit Of Friendly Competition!

The engineering students finally finished and got to test out their RC cars and sea perches today! They raced the cars through an […]

ENGN Met The Borns!

The Engineering students met the father-daughter duo Joe and Lily Born! Lily, who is only 17, has already invented a product and started […]