Category: Engineering

ENGN Loves The Labs!

The Engineering students returned to the McCormick School of Engineering (at Northwestern) for more fun lab time! Check out what they created!

ENGN Built Wind Turbines!

The Engineering students woke up bright and early to compete in a cost efficient wind turbine building challenge! They had to “purchase” their […]

ENGN Toured Fermi!

The Engineering students got to go on a great tour at the Fermi National Accelerator Lab today! They learned about the engineering that […]

ENGN Toured McCormick!

The Engineering students went to Northwestern’s McCormick School of Engineering for a lecture and some mini labs. Their favorite lab? The Aqua Functions […]

ENGN Entered the Matrix

The Engineering students, along with the help of Mr. Q, took the personality matrix test and learned about their dominant (and more dormant) […]

ENGN Showed Off Their Products!

The Engineering students had their big product pitches today. You guys came up with some really innovative and cool stuff! Great job!

ENGN Competes With Their Creations!

The Engineering students finished their RC cars and Sea Perches, which brought on a time trial challenge for the cars and a collection […]

ENGN Putting On Finishing Touches!

The Engineering students are preparing the final touches on their RC cars and Sea Perches for tomorrow’s competition!

ENGN Built Trebuchets!

The Engineering students had a hard but fun day building and competing with their homemade trebuchets to see who could launch a tennis […]

ENGN Building Toward Success!

The Engineering students continue constructing their RC cars and aquatic skimmers, starting to work on the physical design today!