Category: Engineering

ENGN Catapulted To Success!

The Engineering students designed, built and competed with Trebuchets (yes, they are a bit different from catapults) today! They had a somewhat slow […]

ENGN Was Blown Away!

The Engineering students had a competition to build the most effective and affordable wind turbine today! They were given different packages of materials […]

ENGN Met Terry Johnson!

The Engineering students (along with thie Biotechnology friends) had the chance to meet Terry Johnson a chemical engineer with a masters from MIT. […]

ENGN Sprouted Ideas!

Our Engineering students had their first encounter with our leadership facilitator Brandon Love today! They learned the essentials of project planning and a […]

ENGN Went By Land & Sea!

The Engineering students finished their RC cars and Sea perches today, so naturally we had to put them to the test!

ENGN Had A Nice Breeze!

The Engineering students had a friendly competition to see who could build the most cost efficient wind turbine today! Our students were given […]

ENGN Visited mHUB!

The Engineering students took a visit to the center of innovation here in Chicago, mHUB! They toured the facility and got to see […]

ENGN Launched Into Trebuchets!

The Engineering students spent a good chunk of today learning about trebuchets and how to build them (as well as how they’re different […]

ENGN Looked Within!

Our Engineering students took the personality matrix with our leadership facilitator Brandon Love today. They found out their dominant personality traits and what […]

ENGN Worked on Communication

The Engineering students worked on their communication skills today by building towers, with several catches. They were split into two groups, to be […]