The Business and Entrepreneurship students finished their Venture Capitalism game after three days! The goal of the game was to create a mock […]

HEAL Learned Some New Skills!

The Medicine and Healthcare students learned a lot about suturing from Dr. Katie Shahwan and were able to put those skills to practice. […]

BIOT Brought The Sunshine!

The Biotechnology students built their own solar cells tonight! They mixed their own conductive liquid and conductors with berries, glass and good ‘ole […]

BUSI Tried To Game The System!

The Business and Entrepreneurship students played the “Game Theory Game” today, which involved working together with another team in private negotiations (or not) […]

ENGN Catapulted To Success!

The Engineering students designed, built and competed with Trebuchets (yes, they are a bit different from catapults) today! They had a somewhat slow […]

HEAL Threaded The Needle!

The Medicine and Healthcare students, along with some help from Dr. Katie Shahwan, learned how to suture today! They learned and practiced a […]


The Biotechnology students worked to create a myoelectric arm today! Using coding, their robotics skills and a big plastic toy claw, they were […]

ENGN Was Blown Away!

The Engineering students had a competition to build the most effective and affordable wind turbine today! They were given different packages of materials […]


The Business and Entrepreneurship students continued with their product pitch today! They’ve chosen a product and are working hard to not only solidify […]

ENGN Met Terry Johnson!

The Engineering students (along with thie Biotechnology friends) had the chance to meet Terry Johnson a chemical engineer with a masters from MIT. […]