NSLC In A Word Or Phrase

We had some of our students describe their experience in a word or a phrase and this is what they had to say!

ENGN Were Destined To Design!

The Engineering students had their final presentations today! They spent the week coming up with and refining an idea for a product and […]

BUSI Survived The Tank!

The Business and Entrepreneurship students had their final presentations “Shark Tank” style today! They all worked extremely hard on their products and pitches. […]

HEAL Laughed With Lisnek!

The Medicine and Healthcare students had a lecture on negotiation skills and styles with Dr. Paul Lisnek today. However, they spent a bit […]

ENGN Had A Bit Of Friendly Competition!

The engineering students finally finished and got to test out their RC cars and sea perches today! They raced the cars through an […]

BIOT Hungered For Knowledge!

The Biotechnology students visited the Querrey Institute today, where they received a tour, a few lectures on various topics and an edible experiment. […]

BUSI Toured Blue Lacuna!

The Business and Entrepreneurship students had the opportunity to tour the Blue Lacuna facilities today! They were blown away by not only the […]


The Biotechnology students built Robo-Roaches today! They took specially bred cockroaches and preformed surgery on them to implant electrodes, which will allow them […]

HEAL Went To The Sim Lab!

The Medicine and Healthcare students spent a day in the simulation lab with real medical students learning how to preform common procedures!

ENGN Met The Borns!

The Engineering students met the father-daughter duo Joe and Lily Born! Lily, who is only 17, has already invented a product and started […]