Press Conference Simulation

The Sports Management students participated in a press conference simulation where they represented their clients within their three different agencies.

Global Health Initiative

Sea Perch Prep

The Engineering students prepare their water robots for testing and the upcoming competition tomorrow!

Conflict Tip: Attack ideas, not people. Criticize action, not identity.

When we encounter conflict, it is easy to take things personally, which can lead to name-calling, frustration, and general breakdown. When dealing with […]

Today @ NSLC

Engineering: American University College Credit Meeting, Frontiers of Engineering, Sea Perch: Testing & Tweaks, Marketing & Ethics, Working Session. Medicine & Healthcare:¬†Guest Lecture: […]

Soldering Workshop

Client Management Simulation

Sports Management students collaborate in their groups to work through the scenarios of the given client management simulation.

Public Health Symposium Prep

Medicine and Health Care students prepare their group projects to present later this week.

Booth School of Business Visit

The Business & Entrepreneurship students visited and learned about the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.¬†

Foundations of Engineering & Wind Turbines

Yesterday the Engineering students learned about the foundations of engineering and work on creating wind turbines.