Challenge Course

Yesterday the Mastering Leadership students took their leadership skills to the Challenge Course. There they worked together to complete different tasks while facing […]

Today @ NSLC

Engineering: American University College Credit Meeting, TA Group, Foundations of Engineering, Working Session, Sea Perch Testing, College Panel, and Trivia Night. Medicine & […]

Skin Biopsy

Social Media Madness

The Business & Entrepreneurship students were put in to groups where they functioned as a company’s social media and public relations department. By […]

Communication Towers

The Engineering students worked together in their TA groups to create a tower that is taller than the other groups. As a challenge […]

Today @ NSLC

Engineering: Working Session, Communication Towers, Working Session, Commitment in Action, and Navy Pier. Medicine & Health Care: Guest Leadership Presentation, Medical Discovery: Live […]

Surgical Rounds

This evening the Medicine & Health Care students rotated between dissecting cow eyeballs and sheep hearts, as well as suturing pigs feet.

Press Conference

Trebuchet Challenge

The Engineering students split into three groups and were given a set amount of time and materials to build a functioning trebuchet. Once […]

Registration Day

The Mastering Leadership students are arriving today!