ENGN Showed Off Their Products!

The Engineering students had their big product pitches today. You guys came up with some really innovative and cool stuff! Great job!

ARCH Talks Willis Tower Renovations!

The Architecture students got to go inside the active construction site at Willis towers. It was a chance to look at designs becoming […]

BUSI Puts On The Final Touches!

The Business and Entrepreneurship students spent the day putting the final touches on their products in preparation for their big product pitch! Good […]

HEAL Put Their Hearts Into It!

The Medicine and Health Care students thank Dr. M for leading them through an interactive open heart surgery lecture, featuring actual operating room […]

ARCH Toured Willis Tower Construction!

The Architecture students got an opportunity to go behind the scenes of the Willis Tower renovations and look around the active construction site!

ENGN Competes With Their Creations!

The Engineering students finished their RC cars and Sea Perches, which brought on a time trial challenge for the cars and a collection […]

ARCH Had A “Solid” Day!

The Architecture students had a fun time learning about building stress and making their own floating (in water) concrete with Dr. Karen Chou!

BUSI Toured Kellogg!

The Business and Entrepreneur students took a tour through the gorgeous Kellogg Global Hub (School of Business) and got some insight into college […]

ENGN Putting On Finishing Touches!

The Engineering students are preparing the final touches on their RC cars and Sea Perches for tomorrow’s competition!

HEAL Learned How To Suture!

The Medicine and Health Care students sat down with Dr. Richard Marfuggi and learned how to suture! They got to practice their new […]