ENGN Races Towards Finished RC Cars!

The Engineering students have been hard at work building their RC cars (and watercraft) and are hoping to preform well at the upcoming […]

ARCH Talked Buildings and Concrete Today!

The Architecture students were treated to a lecture from professor Chou about building design and sway, then they were able to make their […]

BUSI Learns The Startup Game!

Craig Wortmann came in and inspired the young entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and to not be afraid to fail!

HEAL Meets Dr. M!

The Medicine and Health Care students got to have so fun and informative lectures with Dr. M today, NSLC’s resident medical professional!

ARCH Students Set Sail!

The Architecture students were treated to an architectural boat tour of Chicago today, they got to relax and learn about all the cool […]

ENGN Students, Meet mHUB

The Engineering students got to experience how Charlie felt going to the candy factory as they toured mHUB today!

BUSI Held Some Meetings!

The Business students gathered to analyze their stakeholders and crunch some numbers!

HEAL Students Got Patients!

The Medicine and Health Care students got to work with their “patients” today to diagnose and begin treating them!

HEAL Committed To Encouraging Each Other!

Today the Medicine and Health Care students learned an important lesson about leadership, encouraging others and putting themselves out there!

BUSI Got Down To Business!

The Business program students were hard at work coming up with and pitching products today!