ARCH Was Built For Success!

Wow those Architecture students sure can build some cool things! Great job on your presentations and models! Thank you for an awesome session!

BUSI, We’re Investing!

The Business and Entrepreneurship students created some pretty darn cool products! We loved them all, time to invest! Thanks for the awesome session!

ENGN Competed On Sea and Land!

Engineering had a blast racing their RC cars and made a splash with their seaperchs!

ARCH Toured Studios And Created Models!

The Architecture students toured UIC’s facilities and worked with staff and students to create mock city blocks!

HEAL Meet’s Dr. M!

The Medicine and Health Care Students learned a lot about medical ethics and procedures from NSLC’s very own Dr. M!  

ENGN Competed Their Land & Sea Devices!

Engineering finally got to see the results of their hard work on their land (RC cars) and sea (boats) in a friendly competition […]

BUSI Got Busy!

The Business and Entrepreneurship students presented their mock business proposals today to some rather interesting board members (played by their wonderful TAs)!

HEAL Took On Pig’s Feet!

Did you know that pig’s skin is extremely similar to a human’s? Well the Medicine and Health Care students do, they practiced suturing […]

ENGN Got Medieval

The Engineering students competed to make the trebuchet that would operate the best!

ARCH Cruised Chicago In Style!

The Architecture students took a relaxing boat trip of Chicago and learned about the buildings of the city!