ARCH Plans Twice, Draws Once!

The Architecture students are moving toward finalizing their concepts of their lakeside pavilions, which they’ll sketch, digitally model and physically 3D model!

ARCH Construction Has Begun!

The Architecture students had a tutorial workshop on their 3D modelling software and got started designing their lakeside rest area projects!

HEAL Got Some Hands On Experience!

The Medicine and Health Care Students had a great time at the University of Illinois Chicago’s simulation lab practicing real medical procedures on […]

ENGN Thanks Dr. Lisnek!

The Engineering students had a great presentation from Dr. Paul Lisnek about negotiation strategies and how to successfully  compromise with others!

BUSI Got Down To Business!

The Business and Entrepreneurship students dove straight into things to begin designing their product pitch. Lots of debate about what product they want […]

BUSI & ENGN Were Challenged At Ropes Course!

The Business and Engineering students had a great day out of the office bonding and working on leadership skills at the ropes course […]

HEAL’s Personalities Shown True!

The Medicine and Health Care students had the pleasure of learning about their dominant (and recessive) personality types and what they say about […]

ARCH Had Lectures & Building!

Architecture thanks Marie Trabold for her amazing lecture this morning, it really gave the students some ideas for their communication towers!

NSLC Welcomes Session 2!

We had a fantastic registration day with all of our session 2 students. We’re all happy to have you and excited to get […]

HEAL Presentations Rocked!

Congratulations Medicine and Health Care Students, you’re presentations were awesome! Thanks for the fun session!