ENGN Are Masters Of Land & Sea!

The Engineering students competed in their big RC car and Sea Perch competition today!They had some great designs and a fun time with […]

HEAL Made Great Doctors!

The Medicine and Health Care students finished their clinical diagnostics simulation today by diagnosing their patients. You guys made great doctors, good work […]

ENGN Loves The Labs!

The Engineering students returned to the McCormick School of Engineering (at Northwestern) for more fun lab time! Check out what they created!

HEAL Learned How To Suture!

The Medicine and Health Care students spent their morning with Dr. M learning how to suture! They got hands on experience and really […]

BUSI Pitched To Stakeholders!

The Business and Entrepreneurship students pitched their stakeholder analysis projects to their “stakeholders” at their boardroom meetings today! You guys did great!

BUSI Was Seeing Dollar Signs!

The Business and Entrepreneurship students took a trip to the Chicago Federal Reserve today! They found out how the reserve operates and what […]

HEAL Talked Ethics!

The Medicine and Health Care students talked about medical ethics with Dr. M! They learned about some of the complicated areas in their […]

ENGN Built Wind Turbines!

The Engineering students woke up bright and early to compete in a cost efficient wind turbine building challenge! They had to “purchase” their […]

BUSI Checked Out mHUB!

The Business and Entrepreneurship students got to visit mHUB, a resource and meeting place for startup companies, consisting of collaborative work space and […]

ENGN Toured Fermi!

The Engineering students got to go on a great tour at the Fermi National Accelerator Lab today! They learned about the engineering that […]