HEAL Laughed With Lisnek!

The Medicine and Healthcare students had a lecture on negotiation skills and styles with Dr. Paul Lisnek today. However, they spent a bit […]

ENGN Had A Bit Of Friendly Competition!

The engineering students finally finished and got to test out their RC cars and sea perches today! They raced the cars through an […]

BIOT Hungered For Knowledge!

The Biotechnology students visited the Querrey Institute today, where they received a tour, a few lectures on various topics and an edible experiment. […]

BUSI Toured Blue Lacuna!

The Business and Entrepreneurship students had the opportunity to tour the Blue Lacuna facilities today! They were blown away by not only the […]


The Biotechnology students built Robo-Roaches today! They took specially bred cockroaches and preformed surgery on them to implant electrodes, which will allow them […]

HEAL Went To The Sim Lab!

The Medicine and Healthcare students spent a day in the simulation lab with real medical students learning how to preform common procedures!

ENGN Met The Borns!

The Engineering students met the father-daughter duo Joe and Lily Born! Lily, who is only 17, has already invented a product and started […]


The Business and Entrepreneurship students finished their Venture Capitalism game after three days! The goal of the game was to create a mock […]

HEAL Learned Some New Skills!

The Medicine and Healthcare students learned a lot about suturing from Dr. Katie Shahwan and were able to put those skills to practice. […]

BIOT Brought The Sunshine!

The Biotechnology students built their own solar cells tonight! They mixed their own conductive liquid and conductors with berries, glass and good ‘ole […]