ENGN Launched Into Trebuchets!

The Engineering students spent a good chunk of today learning about trebuchets and how to build them (as well as how they’re different […]

BUSI Learned From The Master!

The Business and Entrepreneurship students spent the last couple of days talking and working with Craig Wortmann to better understand not only business […]

BIOT Met Dr. Lisnek!

The Biotechnology students got a chance to meet Dr. Lisnek and get a lecture on communication and negotiation today! Dr. Lisnek taught them […]

HEAL And Their Favorite Tech!

The Medicine and Healthcare students took a trip to the simulation lab today, where they were able to get some hands on experience […]

BIOT Built Bionic Arms!

The Biotechnology students spent the evening building some myoelectric arms, they coded and assembled the devices succesfully and were able to give some […]

We Let BUSI Eat Cake!

The Business and Entreprenuership students took a trip to Eli’s Cheesecake here in Chicago today! They got to learn about how the marketing, […]

ENGN Looked Within!

Our Engineering students took the personality matrix with our leadership facilitator Brandon Love today. They found out their dominant personality traits and what […]

HEAL Met Their Patients!

The Medicine and Healthcare students met their “patients” (our wonderful TAs) for their clinical diagnostics simulation. Throughout the rest of the week, our […]

BIOT Went Full Tony Stark!

The Biotechnology students had the opportunity to build and test their own bionic arms today! They manipulated code, assembled the arm and were […]

ENGN Worked on Communication

The Engineering students worked on their communication skills today by building towers, with several catches. They were split into two groups, to be […]