Category: High School Programs

ENGN Had A Nice Breeze!

The Engineering students had a friendly competition to see who could build the most cost efficient wind turbine today! Our students were given […]

HEAL Saw Surgery!

The Medicine and Healthcare students got the opportunity to see a “live” heart surgery tonight. Our program director Mr. Callas gave a pseudo […]

HEAL Saw Into The Heart!

The Medicine and Healthcare students got the opportunity to dissect pig eyes and hearts today! They got some real hands-on experience and we’re […]

ENGN Visited mHUB!

The Engineering students took a visit to the center of innovation here in Chicago, mHUB! They toured the facility and got to see […]

BUSI Had Successful Ventures!

The Business and Entrepreneurship students completed their venture capitalist game/competition today! All of the students did great, they gave solid pitches and much […]

BIOT Met Terry Johnson!

The Biotechnology students (along with the Engineering students) had a guest lecture from Terry Johnson, a notable professional in both fields of study […]

ENGN Launched Into Trebuchets!

The Engineering students spent a good chunk of today learning about trebuchets and how to build them (as well as how they’re different […]

BUSI Learned From The Master!

The Business and Entrepreneurship students spent the last couple of days talking and working with Craig Wortmann to better understand not only business […]

BIOT Met Dr. Lisnek!

The Biotechnology students got a chance to meet Dr. Lisnek and get a lecture on communication and negotiation today! Dr. Lisnek taught them […]

HEAL And Their Favorite Tech!

The Medicine and Healthcare students took a trip to the simulation lab today, where they were able to get some hands on experience […]