Category: Engineering

ENGN Thanks Dr. Lisnek!

The Engineering students had a great presentation from Dr. Paul Lisnek about negotiation strategies and how to successfully  compromise with others!

BUSI & ENGN Were Challenged At Ropes Course!

The Business and Engineering students had a great day out of the office bonding and working on leadership skills at the ropes course […]

ENGN Competed On Sea and Land!

Engineering had a blast racing their RC cars and made a splash with their seaperchs!

ENGN Competed Their Land & Sea Devices!

Engineering finally got to see the results of their hard work on their land (RC cars) and sea (boats) in a friendly competition […]

ENGN Got Medieval

The Engineering students competed to make the trebuchet that would operate the best!

ENGN Races Towards Finished RC Cars!

The Engineering students have been hard at work building their RC cars (and watercraft) and are hoping to preform well at the upcoming […]

ENGN Students, Meet mHUB

The Engineering students got to experience how Charlie felt going to the candy factory as they toured mHUB today!

ENGN Was Tested With Towers Today!

The Engineering students were challenged with building the tallest tower, the catch? Some of them couldn’t talk, others couldn’t use their dominant hand […]

Ropes Course Was Engineered For Fun!

The Engineering students (and staff) had a great time doing team bonding and trust building exercises at the rope course today!

Sea Perch Competition

Tonight our Engineering students competed in a ‘sea perch’ underwater/above-water, remote-controlled robot competition among their TA small groups! Check out all the action […]