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NSLC July 4th Festivities

NSLC Engineering: Trebuchet Challenge

NSLC Engineering: Communication Towers

This activity stressed the importance of clearly communicating ideas in multiple ways. Often times in the engineering industry, a product is built in […]

NSLC Engineering: McCormick Visit

Team Challenge Course

Students play a games in which they must work together. This is a team building experience that breaks down the barriers between students.

Engineering Rotations June 30, 2015

This morning, the engineering students continued with their Engineering Rotations. Students cycled through four, hour-long activities focusing on building tangible skills that are […]

Medicine, Business and Engineering at the Leadership Challenge Course

Today students in all of our programs had an opportunity to bond with their TA groups on the Leadership Challenge Course. During this […]

Meet the 2015 NSLC @ Northwestern Engineering Staff