Category: Business & Entrepreneurship

BUSI Got Down To Business!

The Business and Entrepreneurship students dove straight into things to begin designing their product pitch. Lots of debate about what product they want […]

BUSI & ENGN Were Challenged At Ropes Course!

The Business and Engineering students had a great day out of the office bonding and working on leadership skills at the ropes course […]

BUSI, We’re Investing!

The Business and Entrepreneurship students created some pretty darn cool products! We loved them all, time to invest! Thanks for the awesome session!

BUSI Got Busy!

The Business and Entrepreneurship students presented their mock business proposals today to some rather interesting board members (played by their wonderful TAs)!

BUSI Learns The Startup Game!

Craig Wortmann came in and inspired the young entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and to not be afraid to fail!

BUSI Held Some Meetings!

The Business students gathered to analyze their stakeholders and crunch some numbers!

BUSI Got Down To Business!

The Business program students were hard at work coming up with and pitching products today!

BUSI Was “Born” To Do This

Guest Speakers Joe and Lily Born really inspired and captivated the Business students with their product/company creation talk!

Product Pitch Presentations

Our Business & Entrepreneurship students presented their final product pitches today to our panel of judges — their TA leaders! Congratulations on 7 […]

University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Our Business & Entrepreneurship students visited the University of Chicago today on an admissions tour and received undergraduate business-program advice from the world-renowned […]