Category: Engineering

Trebuchet Challenge

Our Engineering students participated in a trebuchet launch challenge this afternoon outside near Northwestern’s view of Lake Michigan. What exactly is a trebuchet? […]

Northwestern McCormick School of Engineering (Design)

Our Engineering students participated in a design-process brainstorm session this morning at Northwestern University’s McCormick School of Engineering. In the afternoon, they will […]

Working Group

Our Engineering students were hard at work this evening, building their sea perch robots and brainstorming products for pitch day in their TA […]

Engineering Rotations

Our Engineering students spent the afternoon learning how to code, solder, and give an outstanding presentation or product pitch. These rotations give our […]

Sea Perch Competition

Our Engineering students competed in a Sea Perch Competition last night that was full of wired-ROV’s, impressive team-work, and (sometimes broken) propellers! Check […]

Prototyping Workshop

Our Engineering students took their ‘one-handed’ designs from the morning’s ideation session and created a working prototype in the Northwestern University Segal Design […]

Trebuchet Challenge

This afternoon, our Engineering students attempted to design, create, and launch a trebuchet in a little over an hour; team-work and communication were […]

Sea Perch Competition

Tonight our Engineering students tested their TA group underwater and above-water robots in action — competition style! Watch the video below for the […]

Trebuchet Competition

Our Engineering students designed, created, and launched their TA group-trebuchets¬†along beautiful Lake Michigan today — and all before lunch! Here’s the winning shot! […]

Northwestern University McCormick School of Engineering (Design)

Our Engineering students participated in an ideation and design brainstorming session at Northwestern’s McCormick School of Engineering this morning. They’re ready to change […]