Category: Architecture

ARCH Had Lectures & Building!

Architecture thanks Marie Trabold for her amazing lecture this morning, it really gave the students some ideas for their communication towers!

ARCH Was Built For Success!

Wow those Architecture students sure can build some cool things! Great job on your presentations and models! Thank you for an awesome session!

ARCH Toured Studios And Created Models!

The Architecture students toured UIC’s facilities and worked with staff and students to create mock city blocks!

ARCH Cruised Chicago In Style!

The Architecture students took a relaxing boat trip of Chicago and learned about the buildings of the city!

ARCH Talked Buildings and Concrete Today!

The Architecture students were treated to a lecture from professor Chou about building design and sway, then they were able to make their […]

ARCH Students Set Sail!

The Architecture students were treated to an architectural boat tour of Chicago today, they got to relax and learn about all the cool […]

ARCH Students Designed Greatness!

The Architecture students build small scale models in the morning and then learned how to turn the physical models into virtual ones!

Architecture Loved Katherine’s Lecture!

Thank you to Katherine LaCourt who came and talked to the Architecture students about a career in the field!

Bid Day Presentations

Congratulations inaugural-summer Architecture students on competing in your Bid Day Presentations this morning! Your hand-made models and hand-sketched design layouts are surely feats […]

Deloitte Construction Tour

Our Architecture students got a tour of the (still active) construction site at the Deloitte building in downtown Chicago this morning! Our students […]