Category: Architecture

ARCH Toured VWA!

The Architecture students were able to visit and tour von Weise and Associates today! They had a great time exploring the facility and […]

ARCH Drafted A Plan!

The Architecture students got a tutorial on drafting today from their team advisers! They learned the basics of how to draft buildings, 3D […]

ARCH Took On Towers!

The Architecture students were challenged with building communication towers today! They were split in teams then divided again, but with addition twists! One […]

ARCH Went Through The Rotations!

The Architecture students practiced their 3D-modeling skills both online and offline today! Led by their Team Advisers, the students created square based models […]

ARCH Talks Willis Tower Renovations!

The Architecture students got to go inside the active construction site at Willis towers. It was a chance to look at designs becoming […]

ARCH Toured Willis Tower Construction!

The Architecture students got an opportunity to go behind the scenes of the Willis Tower renovations and look around the active construction site!

ARCH Had A “Solid” Day!

The Architecture students had a fun time learning about building stress and making their own floating (in water) concrete with Dr. Karen Chou!

ARCH Became Negotiators

The Architecture students thank Dr. Paul Lisnek for his awesome lecture on negotiation tactics, types of negotiators and a bit of life advice!

ARCH Plans Twice, Draws Once!

The Architecture students are moving toward finalizing their concepts of their lakeside pavilions, which they’ll sketch, digitally model and physically 3D model!

ARCH Construction Has Begun!

The Architecture students had a tutorial workshop on their 3D modelling software and got started designing their lakeside rest area projects!