Month: July 2023


Students got their gloves on and dived right into suturing with Dr. Katie Shahwan this morning! Later in the day, groups rotated into […]

Clinical Diagnostic Simulation

Students participated in the first round of Clinical Diagnostic Simulations this evening! They were tasked to take notes of symptoms, and try to […]

Personality Matrix

This morning, students got to learn more about their dominant personality type. Our leadership facilitator Joel Hilchey informed students on how personality type […]

Happy Reg-Day!

Happy Reg Day! We are thrilled to welcome all students and parents to National Student Leadership Conference Northwestern! It’s a beautiful day in […]

Navy Pier

Last Saturday, students from the Business & Entrepreneurship Program took a field trip to Navy Pier! They explored many shops, enjoyed great views, […]

De-Reg Day!

It’s a emotional ride home as it was De-Reg Day today at NSLC Northwestern! Over the past 9 days, students had developed many […]

Talent Show!

Students in the Medicine & Health Care Program have had a busy day filled with educational activities and winded down with a fun […]