Month: July 2023

Public Health Symposium

Medicine and Healthcare students have been diligently working hard on their Public Health presentations throughout the week! Finally, it’s time for them to […]

Clinical Diagnostic Simulation

Students were tasked to conduct multiple Clinical Patient Interviews to properly diagnosis their patients. Through many rounds of questions, and note taking, students […]

Triage and Prioritization

Students began their activity with a presentation and group activity! Suddenly, students were presented with a sudden simulated situation! They were tasked to […]

Feinberg School of Medicine

Medicine and Healthcare students went to Feinberg School of Medicine to get to hear from a couple of guest speakers! Dr. Ashley Raedy, […]

Personal Protective Equipment and Sterile Field

Personal Protective Equipment is essential in Medicine and Healthcare! Students this week had endeavored into the importance of personal protective equipment and how […]

EMT Rounds

Students from the Medicine & Healthcare Program had various activities in the Medicine & Healthcare EMT Rounds! In multiple rounds, students switched from […]

Northwestern University Prosthetics-Orthotics Center

Medicine Intensive students explored NU’s Prosthetics-Orthotics Center otherwise known as (NUPOC). At Nupoc, students had the chance to learn valuable knowledge about the […]

Northwestern Simlab

Students from the Medicine Intensive Program had quite the day with Northwestern University Prosthetics-Orthotics Center, and Northwestern Simulation Lab. Students went through multiple […]

Northwestern Simulation Lab

Northwestern Simulation Lab Medicine & Healthcare students switched through different rotations and activities this morning at the Northwestern Simulation Lab! Students rotated through […]


Students learned about external and internal anatomy, and how light travels through the eye. They also learned about common eye diseases and glaucoma. […]