Month: June 2023

McDonald’s Corporate Office

Yesterday afternoon, the Business & Entrepreneurship program students embarked on a field trip to the Federal Reserve and McDonald’s Corporate Offices in downtown […]

Fashion Marketing Simulation

The NSLC Business & Entrepreneurship Program dives into their creative potential and works with their teams to make the most creative outfits with […]

Press Conference

Students scramble to defend their simulated companies from the “press” by answering tough questions through statements they have made during the stakeholder analysis […]

Feinberg School of Medicine

Students visited the Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago! They got to learn from Dr. Robert J. Havey, MD and Jennifer Heideman. Both […]

Exelon Corporate Headquarters!

Starting off Monday right with a field trip to Exelon Corporate Headquarters! Guest speakers Jason Collins, Andy Plenge, Linsey Wisniewski, and Stephanie Skelskey […]

Product Pitches

Students got to brainstorming for their product pitches! It was an amazing start to the product pitch series! Students learned the essentials in […]

Clinical Rounds

Students had a great time learning about Vital Signs, Health History, and Medication Administration with hands-on learning labs! Students switched through the breakout […]

Leadership Session

Day two arrives at NSLC Northwestern! This day was excitingly kicked off with a leadership session for the Medicine and Health Care Program! […]

Happy Reg-Day

Today, student’s have arrived to NSLC Northwestern! The day was filled with amazing activities and students got to interact and meet with their […]

Meet the Staff

This week at NSLC Northwestern, our Medicine & Health Care and Business & Entrepreneurship staff arrived on campus! During the week, NSLC NU […]