Year: 2018

HEAL Became Doctors!

The Medicine and Health Care Students have gotten some mock doctor experience trying to diagnose and treat their patients (TAs) of their illnesses […]

ENGN Toured mHUB!

The Engineering students got to head over to mHUB, which is essentially a startup for startups! It’s a site that allows startup companies […]

HEAL Learned To Suture!

The Medicine and Health Care students had another lesson with Dr. M! This time it was all hands on while they tried out […]

ENGN Builds Toward Their Competition!

The Engineering students have started building their RC cars and Sea Perches for their pending “Land & Sea Competition” at the end of […]

BUSI Learned From The Best!

The Business and Entrepreneurship students talked with Professor Craig Wortmann, an accomplished businessman, entrepreneur, venture capitalist and Kellogg School of Business professor! He […]

ENGN Learned How To Solder!

The Engineering students had engineering rotations today, where they learned how to solder, code and even got a presentation on public speaking from […]

HEAL Danced Like No One Was Watching!

The Medicine and Health Care students met with Mr. Q to talk about goals and committing to them. As well as being a […]

BUSI Met Dr. Lisnek!

The Business and Entrepreneurship students talked with Dr. Paul Lisnek about negotiation and “art” of preforming a successful one!

BUSI Talks Leadership & Personality!

The Business and Entrepreneurship students, along with the Engineering students, worked with Mr. Q to learn about their personality types and styles!

ENGN Found Their Inner Animal!

The Engineering students found out about their personality types, personified by an animal and character traits, today with the Business and Entrepreneurship students. […]