Year: 2018

HEAL Students Got Patients!

The Medicine and Health Care students got to work with their “patients” today to diagnose and begin treating them!

HEAL Committed To Encouraging Each Other!

Today the Medicine and Health Care students learned an important lesson about leadership, encouraging others and putting themselves out there!

BUSI Got Down To Business!

The Business program students were hard at work coming up with and pitching products today!

ARCH Students Designed Greatness!

The Architecture students build small scale models in the morning and then learned how to turn the physical models into virtual ones!

ENGN Was Tested With Towers Today!

The Engineering students were challenged with building the tallest tower, the catch? Some of them couldn’t talk, others couldn’t use their dominant hand […]

BUSI Was “Born” To Do This

Guest Speakers Joe and Lily Born really inspired and captivated the Business students with their product/company creation talk!

HEAL Examines The Ropes Course

The Medicine and Health Care students stepped out of the classroom and out onto the team building challenge course today!

Architecture Loved Katherine’s Lecture!

Thank you to Katherine LaCourt who came and talked to the Architecture students about a career in the field!

Ropes Course Was Engineered For Fun!

The Engineering students (and staff) had a great time doing team bonding and trust building exercises at the rope course today!

Session 1 Has Officially Started!

We all had a blast getting to know the students yesterday! Everyone is super excited to kick things off today with their first […]