Year: 2017

Guest Lecture Series with Paola Gomez-Pineiro

Today our Architecture students received valuable collegiate and career advice from Chicago-based architect Paola Gomez-Pineiro. Thank you for giving our students a glimpse […]

Suturing with Dr. Marfuggi

All of our Medicine & Health Care students got a chance to suture with Dr. Richard Marfuggi, the NSLC Northwestern on-site physician, this […]

Today @ NSLC

Architecture: Lecture Series with Paola Gomez-Pineiro; Shake it Up! Biotechnology: Ethics in Biotechnology; Leadership Series ‘Conflict Resolution’ with Mr. Quentin Whitehead Medicine & […]

August 6, 2017

Our Biotechnology students assembled a myoelectric arm this evening, with the help of computer software, contracting claws, and their TA leaders! More photos […]

Chicago River Boat Tour

Today, our Architecture students enjoyed a visually appealing adventure — seeing the city skyline via a river boat tour! As the inaugural NSLC […]

Today @ NSLC

Architecture: Chicago River Architecture Boat Tour; Art of Negotiation with Dr. Paul Lisnek Biotechnology: Biotechnology Lab Day #2; The Myoelectric Arm Medicine & […]

August 5, 2017

Our architecture students got their hands on rulers for a bit of chip-board modeling tonight. Later, they’ll focus on sketching and navigating the […]

Leadership Series ‘The Personality Matrix’

This morning, our Medicine & Health Care students started off their leadership sessions with Mr Quentin Whitehead in The Personality Matrix. Hear student […]

Laboratory Day #1

Today our Biotechnology students began their BIOT Lab series at Roosevelt University lab facilities. The students will return to the same labs throughout […]

Today @ NSLC

Architecture: Rotations (Modeling, Sketching, SketchUp); Outdoor Effects of Buildings with Dr. Erica Hartmann Biotechnology: Molecular Cloning/Biotechnology Lab; Heart Valve Design Medicine & Health […]