Year: 2016

Clinical Diagnostic Simulation

The Medicine & Health Care TA’s posed as patients with various illnesses we’ll the students worked towards reaching a diagnosis. They did so […]

Today @ NSLC

Engineering: Meet TA Group, Product Pitch Introduction, Communication Towers, Leadership Series: The Personality Matrix, Ideation Exercise, Working Session, Engineering Majors, and Wind Turbines. […]

Guest Speaker, Joe Born

Surgical Rounds

Today Medicine & Health Care students rotated between dissecting cow eyeballs and sheep hearts, as well as suturing pigs feet.

Today @ NSLC

Engineering: Program Introduction, Guest Speaker, Leadership Challenge Course, Working Session, and Ice Cream Social. Medicine & Healthcare: Leadership Challenge Course, Medical Discovery Series: Medical Ethics, […]

Session Two: Registration Day

Students arrived today and registered for one of the three programs they signed up for: Medicine & Health Care, Business & Entrepreneurship, and […]

Closing Ceremony

Today @ NSLC

Engineering: Closing Ceremonies, Final TA Meeting, and Departure. Medicine & Healthcare: Closing Ceremonies, Final TA Meeting, and Departure. Business & Entrepreneurship: Closing Ceremonies, Final TA Meeting, and […]

Final Presentations

Final Presentations