Year: 2015

NSLC Mastering Leadership: Leave Your Mark August 6, 2015

NSLC Medicine: Student Photo of the Day August 6, 2015

Photo by Ludovica Garro.

NSLC Medicine: Team Challenge Course August 6, 2015


NSLC Daily Program Update August 6, 2015

Biotechnology:┬áBiotech 101 & Intro to Incubators, Team Challenge Course, Personality Matrix, Ice Cream Social. Mastering Leadership:┬áLeave Your Mark, My Legacy TA Activity, The […]

NSLC Session 4 Opening Ceremony August 5, 2015


NSLC Session 4 Registration Day August 5, 2015

NSLC Daily Program Update August 5, 2015

Mastering Leadership: Service in Action Rotary International Visit, The Distinctions of Leadership, Holocaust Museum and Education Center, Navy Pier, TA Activity.

NSLC Mastering Leadership: Personality Matrix August 8, 2015

NSLC Daily Program Update August 4, 2015

Mastering Leadership: Personality Matrix, Mix N’ Match, Magnificent Mile, Museum of Science and Industry, My Uniqueness, The World is Your Stage.

NSLC Mastering Leadership: Commitment in Action August 3, 2015