Year: 2015

NSLC Daily Program Update July 17, 2015

Business: Brian Reilly Communications Presentation, Product Pitch Simulation, Leadership in Business, College Panel. Engineering: Museum of Science and Industry, Millennium Park, Final Presentations, […]

NSLC Medicine: Clinical Diagnosis Simulation July 17, 2015

NSLC Engineering: SeaPerch Challenge July 17, 2015

NSLC Business: Chicago Innovation Exchange July 17, 2015

The students spoke to Tom Ancona, Director of Operations of the Chicago Innovation Exchange, as well as took a tour of the facilities.  […]

NSLC Daily Program Update July 17, 2015

Business: Chicago Innovation Exchange, Magnificent Mile, Business Lab, Trivia Night. Engineering: Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Presentation Planning, SeaPerch Challenge. Medicine: Museum of Science […]

NSLC Engineering: Trebuchet Challenge July, 16, 2015

NSLC Business: Entrepreneurial Presentation July 16, 2015

NSLC Daily Program Update July 16, 2015

Business: Entrepreneur Presentation with Craig Wortmann, Business Lab, Product Pitch Simulation. Engineering: Marketing and Ethics, Art of Negotiation with Dr. Liznek, Trebuchet Challenge, […]

NSLC Engineering: McCormick School of Engineering July 15, 2015

NSLC Medicine: Northwestern Simulation Lab Visit July 15, 2015

Today, students visited the Northwestern Simulation Laboratory. They used state-of-the art devices to practice laparoscopic surgery, ultrasound, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.