Year: 2014

Team Challenge Course

Ice Cream Social

Tonight students got to enjoy a night of delicious ice cream and cut loose on the dance floor. We had a blast!

Team Ropes Course  

Introducing the Summer 2014 Administrators

(Top: Left to Right) Scott Buttliere, Brett Szczepanski, Robert Gottfried (Bottom) Site Director David Lowitz, Mariesol Whigan, Claire Purdie

Introducing the Summer 2014 Office Staff

(Left to Right) Office Manager Claire Purdie, Harrison Parkes, Aly Runke, Scott Levitt

Introducing the Summer 2014 Medicine & Healthcare Staff

(Top: Left to Right) Joseph Antangan, Ashley Brent, Arjuana Shenoy, Carolina Negron, Daniel Loizzo, Hannah Acres (Bottom) Program Director Scott Buttliere, Karim Al-Hussay, […]

Introducing the Summer 2014 Business & Entrepreneurship Staff

(Top: Left to Right) Mike Izzo, Jill Dutmers, Alex Melendez, David Estevez (Bottom) Program Director Robert Gottfried, Stephanie Kappel, Katie Cunningham

Introducing the Summer 2014 Engineering Staff

(Top: Left to Right) Austen Bhayani, Megan McCabe, Ali Ropri (Bottom) Program Director Mariesol Whigan, Meryl Charleston, Aaron Clark

Welcome To NSLC 2014!

Welcome to the beautiful Northwestern University campus! We are pleased to meet the National Student Leadership Conference Class of 2014! We have tons […]