We received this letter from a student who unfortunately had to return home early. Thank you for the kind words Diego!


Students, Advisors, and anyone else who participates in the NSLC program,


The purpose of my message is to share some things that I learned while attending the Mastering Leadership program through NSLC.


First and foremost, I know that the most important thing in this experience SHOULD be the academic content in Business & Entrepreneurship, but I can tell you from the other side of the country, that it is not the case. I assure you that in this very moment you are already getting along with some students as if you knew them your whole life. If that is not the case, then you should take the opportunity to do so. I urge you all to open up to each other, to learn about each other’s lives and experiences. A simple “hello” can lead to a million things. You may start off now as a group or as a classroom, but as the days go by, the group grows into a big family of young eager minds. If you are attending this course, you most likely have a drive inside of you that wants to push you onto a successful life; a force that wants to drive you out into the world and turn your dreams into reality. I write to tell you that you most certainly can do this. All these valuable people around you will empower you to go straight towards your vision, but it will be up to you whether you take the given opportunities or not. Take the risk, speak up, stand your ground, fight for what you believe in. Whether you are an owl, peacock, koala, or lion, it matters not. All you have to do is take at least one of the thousands of opportunities we get everyday. We see them, yet we do nothing. We all have to open our eyes to see that what we are looking for has always been in front of us.  Like Jordan Belfort said, “The only thing standing between you and your goal is the excuse you keep telling yourself as to why you cannot achieve it.”


I hope that each and everyone of you leaves this course with memories that will reside in your hearts forever. Though it was a short time for me, I am surely proud to have been in the presence of so many young leaders who will change the world some day. So here’s to all the ambitious minds who will stand and take a risk. Here’s to all the entrepreneurs who will turn obstacles into opportunities.


Thank you all,


With love,

Diego Maldonado


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