Year: 2013

Craig Wortmann Lecture

Professor Craig Wortmann discusses invaluable business,leadership, and communication skills with students.

Leadership Building  


Lecture With Dr. Paul Lisnek   Today students attended a lecture with Dr. Lisnek, noted newscaster, attorney, and author. He gave a lesson on the art of […]

Visit to Chicago Board of Trade The students had the exclusive opportunity to tour the Chicago Board of Trade today, where they gained insight on how the stock […]

Trip to Millenium Park Students got to head to downtown Chicago today to see the city and take pictures at the famous bean. The day was […]

Intro to Business Law The students were introduced to the precedents of business law by Mr. Robert Gottfried. They were split into groups and acted […]

Management Team Simulation

Field Trip to Fermilab Today the students went on a field trip to the Fermilab Institute to the site of a decommissioned particle accelerator and […]

Social! Time to unwind from lectures and have some fun with music and friends! Check out the students showing off their moves!