Year: 2013

The World Is Your Stage Today the students were challenged to step up and lead themselves in an activity called The World Is Your Stage. It’s designed […]

Team Challenge Course Today the students had a blast working in teams to overcome obstacles and challenges through cooperation, compromise, and critical thinking skills. […]

NUPOC Students visited the Northwestern University Prosthetics and Orthotics Center to receive lectures and hands-on testing of a new low-cost green procedure […]

Lab Exercises The students got a lecture on gel electrophoresis and DNA replication before going into the lab to try it themselves, it […]

Bioengineering Staff 2013

Mastering Leadership Staff 2013

Product Pitch Presentations

Public Health Project Students researched a public health issue in a community and had a set budget to spend towards fighting and educating the public […]

Clinical Rounds

Trip to Navy Pier Students got to visit Chicago’s famous Navy Pier where they enjoyed delicious food, great music, and good friends!