At NSLC’s Northwestern program branch, I immediately recognized NSLC as a worthy investment and an unforgettable experience.  Unlike many of my prior academic work, NSLC has focused on a career-based curriculum; something that I welcome greatly.  The program balances leadership rotations and learning sessions about law, making for some of the most active days of my life.  Since my arrival, the days have been filled with countless informative presentations, lectures, activities, and meetings; all of which have established key skills in effective leadership and grasp the basics of law.

The University of Denver professor, David Schott is teaching the career-based curriculum. He’s given daily lectures about law on such topics as opening and closing statements, direct and cross examinations, as well as provided advice on courtroom etiquette. I’ve spent my mornings familiarizing myself with new material about trials, cases, and the career of law. My afternoons bring lessons on leadership-oriented skills. From these rotations and the NSLC counselors and TAs, I have been introduced to a variety of critical skill-sets, and gone over public speaking, time and stress management, and intrapersonal communication.

Aside from career and leadership skills, NSLC has given rise to personal growth in the short span of my stay thus far. The program has acquainted me with aspects of collegiate life – the dorms, meals, and navigating vast campus areas. In conclusion, the program has augmented my interest in law and given me a fresh experience on which I can pride myself having.

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity that you’ve given me!


David Wu (Law & Advocacy)

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